Russel Mills is the global director of International Government Affairs and additionally holds the position as global director Energy & Climate Change policy. Most of his career has been spent in market development, technology exploitation and global business management. He has also gained experience in consolidating acquisitions, setting up new businesses and managing joint venture operations. He is a physics graduate of Oxford University.
Russel has been working in the chemical and related industries for over 30 years. Regular job moves have taken him to the USA, UK, the Netherlands and on several occasions to Belgium and Switzerland. He has worked in energy policy for over 10 years and prior to that, job assignments included the global business director role for the Cargill Dow bio-polymers joint venture, a secondment to the European chemical industry association, and leading the development of technology cooperation and government Public Private Partnership strategies for Dow in Europe.
Russel participated in the High Level Group on Competitiveness, Energy & Environment set up by the EU Commission in 2005, was a founding member on the SusChem Board and set up and managed the Styrenics value chain advocacy group on behalf of Cefic and PlasticsEurope.
Russel currently co-chairs the ICCA Energy Leadership Group and is chair of the BIAC Environment Committee. Russel also has extensive ongoing responsibilities within Cefic and with related chemical industry association activities. He sits on the Energy Program Council at Cefic, participates in their post 2020 work and co-chaired the Energy 2050 Roadmap project. Russel represents Dow and leads a number of key initiatives for the company in a range of energy, climate and international policy work.